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Siti Khadijah Rambe

Registered since 2010-11-26 as private member and moderator

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Hi everyone…
I am co-founder of the website. My research consists to retrieve the evolutionary relationships and natural history of ferns. Contrarily to flowering plants that are classified according to their reproductive parts, any character of a fern may be retained for its classification. The right character for classification is deduced from the observation of a large number of samples and once a hypothesis has been established, it will be further checked against the analysis of molecular data. Practicing plant character analysis permits to develop a sense of recognition which is pretty the same as the one that permits to recognize our friends in a crowd. I realized that my activity also increased my perception and appreciation of natural and man-made landscapes. I have a big wish that our personal investigations about nature and exchanges on will open to all of us new horizons of consciousness and responsibilities for the protection of our environment. 2014 |Contact Webmestre