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Vatica stapfiana

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Dear all,
I would like to share the objectives of, are: to facilitates and to encourage the citizens to map the trees and to make an initiative of ex-situ conservation. Doing ex-situ conservation can be as simple as doing tree mapping or even easier since it may happen accidentally. For example when I visit Taman Botany of Shah Alam, I found one tree is fruiting and the fruits is look like Vatica. I collected the fallen fruits and I germinated them. Meanwhile, Jean Weber tried to identify the species. He is certain that the species is Vatica stapfiana.

Flower buds and an open flower

Young and old flowers

A clump of young fruits

Close view of young fruits

A fruit of Vatica stapfiana

A fruit of Vatica stapfiana

A mature fruit of Vatica stapfiana

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