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Best sport to complement

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Best sport to complement
What in your opinion are the best sports to complement LAX in the following situations:
Daughter (10 yrs 5th grade) - plays well both handed and has good stick skills. Best playing Attack but knows she needs to be able to mix it with Midfielder. After all....D1 colleges like Middies, right? She has played basketball last couple years also and I'm wondering if swimming would be of value or a waste of time. Maybe just keep it at BBall n LAX. She has never been a soccer player, and it would not be her choice, but I'm sure it would help with speed and endurance.

Son (6 yrs 2nd grade) - on this second year of LAX. Played Attack most of the time because he is too lazy to go after the ball. His preference is to stay home and play XBox Live for 24 hours per day if we would let him. Never played other sports. Would like to see him play football (his grandfather holds many school records) and because he has a good arm and maybe swim.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


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