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Raising awareness of tree biodiversity in schools

Increasing student’s motivation

Schools are privileged places to discover the connection between trees, habitat and biodiversity within the city or suburban environments. When using a tool like students construct knowledge that gets authentic community recognition and their motivation for learning is enhanced.

Integrating current curricula

Web 2.0 tools in education are enabling and facilitating self-regulated learning processes. Teachers do not necessarily need to recognize tree species but need to assess the method the students are using for comprehending information and reconstructing it into knowledge. Skills such as using geographic coordinates, finding a place on a satellite map, knowing the basics of formal botanical naming, finding information on the internet, observing, naming and classifying anatomical characters, understanding Man’s action on the environment, etc are basic objectives of formal education in most countries. Sharing constructed knowledge on a Web platform is therefore only the final step of an otherwise classic learning sequence.

Sharing experiences

Teachers that desire to share their experience with and welcome to contact the Webmaster for publishing their examples or articles on the “Schools” webpage. 2014 |Contact Webmestre